[asterisk-users] Willing to pay for patch to Asterisk fax detection

David Cunningham dcunningham at voisonics.com
Thu Nov 11 16:29:34 CST 2021


We have a commercial client who wants automatic fax detection, but the
existing functionality in Asterisk doesn't quite meet their needs. We're
willing to pay for a patch to do the following:

1. Limit the automatic fax detection to the first X seconds of a call. X
could be defined system-wide in sip.conf or in an Asterisk dialplan

2. Enable or disable fax detection for individual calls. This could be set
with an Asterisk dialplan variable.

3. The patch needs to work with chan_sip on Asterisk 13 and above.

If you're able to help with this please let me know so we can discuss
pricing and your Asterisk development experience.

If anyone has ideas for other places to advertise this request let me know!

Thanks very much,

David Cunningham, Voisonics Limited
USA: +1 213 221 1092
New Zealand: +64 (0)28 2558 3782
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