[asterisk-users] automating "make menuselect" options when building

Kingsley Tart kingsley at dns99.co.uk
Mon Nov 8 11:53:43 CST 2021


I realise that this is not really specific to Asterisk, but this seems
as sensible a place to ask as any.

If I want to create a script to automate the build of my chosen
Asterisk setup, what's the best way to automate my selections that I
did interactively when I ran "make menuselect" ?

I think doing that created a makeopts file somewhere. If I were to just
copy in the makeopts file I created from a build on another machine, is
there a process that can check that to ensure that everything selected
in that can be built, or is doing "make" and seeing whether that worked
the only way?


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