[asterisk-users] DECT client adapter

Sebastian Nielsen sebastian at sebbe.eu
Sun Mar 14 15:07:02 CDT 2021

I asked this question previously on list, but never got any reply. So
retrying again.


Does anyone know of a DECT client USB module, or DECT client module, or
SIP-to-DECT adapter?

Have searched whole internet, and ONLY found adapters and modules that can
act as a base station. Not a adapter or module that can act as a handset.


What I want to do, is that I have a base station, which are locked to 1
handset, for which I cannot access its corresponding SIP details - they are
provisioned from the operator and operator refuses to give SIP credentials.


To get around this and still connect a PBX to this, with more handsets and
even desk phones.


The idea is then to have some SIP-to-DECT adapter, or USB DECT GAP Phone
adapter, or DECT raspberry pi GAP Phone module.

That will act as a handset. Ergo "register to base station".


Then I want my asterisk installation, to use this "Dect handset" as upstream
operator, ergo call outgoing, and receive calls via this "Dect handset"



Any ideas on how to accomplish this? Anyone that knows of a USB DECT
adapter, than can be switched into "Phone mode", and then be registred into
a DECT base station, that works with Asterisk?



Best regards, Sebastian Nielsen

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