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If you operate a small PBX for a business your approach is fine.


If you operate a large PBX, or just have lots of high toll rate calls, the price difference between carriers can add up to a lot money every day.  These operators will route their calls to whomever offers the best rate for that route.  


And that’s the problem being solved.  STIR/SHAKEN makes it tough for spoofers, but also tough for businesses doing LCR.  Sadly, the easier it becomes to implement STIR/SHAKEN (telling the next hop along the route to trust your identity), the easier it will be for spoofers to do the same.  I suspect it won’t be long until unscrupulous service providers undermine STIR/SHAKEN 


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I reallt don’t understand why people simply use the same operator to terminate your calls, which also provide DIDs for you.


Then you don’t need to touch this at all, your carrier will do all the STIR/SHAKEN handling for you, you are just a PBX customer.

And then the operator then simply limits your account to only present your DID as outgoing number.


Seems to be a unneccesary complicated solution just to have your numbers at company 1 and have your call termination at company 2.

So fricking unneccessary.


What I know there is requirements of number portability, so as long as company 2 can handle DIDs (ergo ”own” DIDs) you should be able to move your DIDs from company 1 to company 2 – then company 2 owns your DIDs.


Best regards, Sebastian Nielsen


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Hi Jeff.  What exactly do you mean by the 'inbound piece'?  I've spent quite a lot of time with the folks at TILTX understanding the framework; but I am not exactly sure what you mean by the 'inbound piece.


Greg/Doug, like many folks here, we use LCR.  So, the terminating carrier is not necessarily the one that issued us the telephone numbers.  So, they will not sign it or simply cannot sign it.  Remember that a very limited number of companies can actually sign the calls; the rest have to buy it from these 'Service Providers'.  


And there is another situation - the company you purchase your numbers from and the company you place your calls through may be different and both may not be able to sign your calls.  Again, a very limited number of service providers that can actually sign your calls.  So what do you do in that scenario?  You have to find a Service Provider that can:


1.  Verify you own that telephone number(s).

2.  Sign your calls.

3.  Provide you with the technical means to do so.


So, that's that...  I hope this makes sense.  



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