[asterisk-users] Timestamp and sequence ID not in sync

Dovid Bender dovid at telecurve.com
Wed Jan 20 04:30:40 CST 2021

H All,

We have a carrier that sometimes when sending DTMF will go backwards with
the timestamp. If we look at the Sequence numbers and timestamp the
sequence numbers are in order however the timestamps are not. For instance
seq: 28867 timestamp: 593496832 DTMF 1
seq: 28868 timestamp: 593496832
seq: 28869 timestamp: 593496832
seq: 28870 timestamp: 593496832
seq: 28871 timestamp: 593496832
seq: 28880 timestamp: 593359104
seq: 28881 timestamp: 593359104
seq: 28882 timestamp: 593359104
seq: 28883 timestamp: 593359104
seq: 28884 timestamp: 593359104

Asterisk will ignore the packets where the timestamp goes backwards since
they are out of order. I am waiting on our provider but I don't have much
faith. Is there any way to tell Asterisk to pass along the RTP even though
the timestamp is out of order?
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