[asterisk-users] DTMF rfc2833 missed when transfering to another server

Israel Gottlieb isrlgb at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 05:15:48 CST 2021

well looks likes we solved it
the rtpkeepalive was set to 5 seconds on the trunk and every time asterisk
sends a rtpkeepalive a cn packet is sent
the same time a cn packet is sent asterisk loses the dtmf it was sent

On Wed, Dec 16, 2020 at 7:43 PM Israel Gottlieb <isrlgb at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all
> i have a asterisk server 16.11.1 (server A) that gets a call (leg A) and
> then calls a second server (leg B) server B is a freeswitch server
> the servers are configured all thru with rfc2833 for dtmf
> the caller enters a number a long 15 digit number like a credit card
> number or even a phone number and in alot of cases server B always
> doesn't get part of the digits from server A
> running a trace on server (A) i checked the trace of leg A and of leg B on
> the same server (A) and i see that the from the provider to asterisk has
> all digits correct but leg b going out the same server has a missed digit
> so either asterisk isnt getting all digits from the provider for some
> reason or it fails to regenerate the dtmf when sending to server b
> another think i noticed is asterisk generating a rtp  (cn) packet to leg
> every time it misses
> any idea how i can check what asterisk is seeing if its just sending the
> rtp without transcoding ?
> does anyone have a idea of what might be the problem
> using chan_sip
> rfc2833compensate=yes
> relaxdtmf=yes
> thanks
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