[asterisk-users] ast_app_exec_macro: Cannot run 'Macro(atb)'. The application is not available.

Doug Lytle support at drdos.info
Mon Jan 4 13:01:51 CST 2021

>>> Gosub(check-number-forwarding,Dial(SIP/718xxxxxxxxxxpstn-5665,20,U(atb-sub))

>>> Is ARG1 = atb-sub ?


My complete line

exten => _45XX,1,Set(_ARG1=${EXTEN}
     same => n,Gosub(check-number-forwarding,s,1(${ARG1}))

So, if someone were to dial a 4 digit number starting with 45 (i.e. 4522), it would jump to the sub-routine called check-number-forwarding and supply the variable of 4522 to that sub-routine.

It could have been just as easily written as

     same => n,Gosub(check-number-forwarding,s,1(4522))

Your sub-routine will need to pass what dialing options you are wanting to use.

A good source of information



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