[asterisk-users] dahdi-linux-complete-3.1.0+3.1.0 : issue on CentOS 7.9 but ot on CentOS 6.10

Jonas Kellens jonas.kellens at telenet.be
Fri Feb 12 12:11:45 CST 2021

Hello list

when installing latest DAHDI (dahdi-linux-complete-3.1.0+3.1.0) for 
usage with asterisk-certified-13.21-cert6 on CentOS 6.10 all works well 
when starting dahdi with "/sbin/service dahdi start".

But when installing the same DAHDI version in CentOS 7.9 I get the error 
:*/usr/sbin/dahdi_cfg: error while loading shared libraries: 
libtonezone.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory*
when issuing "systemctl start dahdi.service"

Is there something missing on my CentOS 7.9 system to work with the 
latest DAHDI version ?

Or is there a better DAHDI version to be used on CentOS 7.9 ?

libtonezone is present on my CentOS 7.9 system :

[root at server admin]# locate libtonezone

Kind regards.

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