[asterisk-users] Calls sometimes ring through to paused agents on Asterisk 16.

Steve Sether ssether at usinternet.com
Thu Feb 11 17:11:55 CST 2021

We have an auto-pause feature where agents are paused after a call, and 
manually un-pause when they're finished with wrap-up. This worked 
perfectly in Asterisk 11.

We've recently switched to Asterisk 16, and we now occasionally hear 
reports of users saying a call rang-through after the auto-pause.  The 
initial thought that this happened during the brief time the call ended, 
and the time the pause was activated. So we added a custom state to the 
device that answered the call set to INUSE as soon as the call was 
answered.  Once the call was completed, the agent gets paused, and only 
then does the state get set to UNAVAILABLE.  Hints are set appropriately 
for the user. Testing manually by setting this custom state stops queue 
calls from getting to the user.

We still occasionally get ring troughs though.  It happens somewhat 
rarely, and likely works fine 99% of the time.

We've tried testing this using sipp to create a lot of queue calls.  
Even with a high load of around 40 calls distributed on 2 queues we 
haven't been able to reproduce the behavior.  We've tried answering more 
than 70 calls in a test environment, and none have reproduced the 
ring-through behavior.

Has anyone seen any similar behavior in queues in Asterisk 16 where a 
call goes to an agent even though they're paused/INUSE? Any other 
suggestions are appreciated, though gathering more data is especially 
difficult since the event seems to be rare.


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