[asterisk-users] Exec two commands with ExecIf

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> > Anyone know why this never made it into Asterisk?
> I believe it was deemed not to be of interest to the community.

Assuming that the dates in that ticket refer to 2021 (I see only months and 
days, not years), I don't recall any discussion taking place with the 
community about it, so that seems to me like a surprising explanation.

After all, if GotoIf(), ExecIf() and While() are "deemed to be of interest", 
and therefore exist, why would a simple If() be deemed not to be of interest?

And, taking it from the other point of view, even if many people genuinely 
think "meh, I don't think I'd use this", then surely they just avoid using it, 
as I suspect the majority of people do with DumpChan() (for example, to take a 
pretty obscure, yet still available, command at random).

In short, what's the drawback to making If() available for those who would use 

Personally, I would very much like to see an If() statement made available.


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