[asterisk-users] SAY_DTMF_INTERRUPT

Dovid Bender dovid at telecurve.com
Thu Dec 23 13:47:14 CST 2021


Has anyone gotten SAY_DTMF_INTERRUPT to work? In 19.0.1 if I do core show
function SAY_DTMF_INTERRUPT it does not show up. As per the documentation
This application will play the sounds that correspond to the given <digits>.
Optionally, a <gender> may be specified. This will use the language that is
currently set for the channel. See the CHANNEL() function for more
on setting the language for the channel. If the channel variable
${SAY_DTMF_INTERRUPT} is set to 'true' (case insensitive), then this
application will react to DTMF in the same way as 'Background'.

I have tried both:
Set(SAY_DTMF_INTERRUPT=true) as well as
Set(CHANNEL(SAY_DTMF_INTERRUPT)=true) and both dont work. In my logs I see:
    -- Executing [9999 at start:4] Set("PJSIP/TeleCurve-00000032",
"CHANNEL(SAY_DTMF_INTERRUPT)=true") in new stack
[2021-12-23 19:46:18] WARNING[205347][C-00000033]: func_channel.c:633
func_channel_write_real: Unknown or unavailable item requested:

Is this a bug?
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