[asterisk-users] Exec two commands with ExecIf

Eric Wieling ewieling at nyigc.com
Thu Dec 23 11:25:08 CST 2021

The dialplan is a very complicated config file.  It is often repetitive 
and ugly.  Don't expect it to work like an actual programming language. 
  If you want that, use an AGI.

In this case, just call it an "Asterisk-ism" and move on.  You'll find 
plenty more of them.

On 12/23/21 01:37, Dovid Bender wrote:
> Hi,
> I didn't see any documentation for this so I assume it can't be done but 
> I figured I would check here first. Is there any way of using ExecIf to 
> run two commands instead of 1? e.g. instead of
> Exten 123,1,ExecIf($["FOO" == "BAR"]?BackGround(you-owe))
> Exten 123,1,ExecIf($["FOO" == "BAR"]?SayNUmber(1000000"))
> I would ideally like to do it in one line.
> TIA.
> Dovid


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