[asterisk-users] Asterisk 16.23.0 doesn't respond anymore

Mark Murawski markm-lists at intellasoft.net
Wed Dec 15 14:43:34 CST 2021

Hi Daniel,

> This is a production server which is running well over years (asterisk 
> 11-13-16) and this happend with the latest version. Only valid option 
> you gave is the core show locks. I ask the list before opening a bug 
> report, as usually.

Please don't let the fact that the system has been running just fine 
with no issue affect anything in your process related to this problem.  
Sure... Asterisk 11 was okay for you.   Sure: Asterisk 13 was okay with 
you... and so on.  But obviously something is new and different with the 
new Asterisk you've set up with has nothing to do with what your 
Asterisk did a year ago.  None of that helps with debugging the current 
problem you're facing.

In order to get this fixed you'll 100% need to be able to submit a bug 
report with enough information in order for someone to investigate this 
and get a resolution.  The information required is generally laid out in 
the guidelines linked to earlier.   It will also help to upload your log 
file from several minutes prior and up until the lockup.  Please feel 
free to mask out any confidential information from the logs that you 
don't want shared publicly.

> And for the name, emails are always signed with first name ;)

The email is signed with the first name of the account information that 
your email system is set up with... not your actual name.  You 
definitely should change your name away from Administrator

>> On 12/13/21 12:24, Administrator wrote:
>>> Complement: restarting asterisk does the job and everything come 
>>> back to normal.

That's typical of most software... this in itself is not a fix. Needing 
to restart Asterisk because it stops responding is a really bad problem 
and definitely needs to be fixed.  And with your help the developers can 
find this issue and make sure this doesn't happen to other people as well.


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