[asterisk-users] Asterisk and SIP Proxy on same host = media problem

Duncan duncan at e-simple.co.nz
Mon May 25 01:51:52 CDT 2020

Hi there

 I have a pbx (v16.10) on AWS (Ubuntu 18.04) with Freepbx (14) that I 
am trying to set up the proxy reSIProcate on the same host as pbx. I 
can make it all work when the proxy is on a different host but when the 
proxy is on the same host asterisk sends the media address as 
which the end user then happily sends media to but it 
doesn’t get anywhere. Asterisk then disconnects after 30 seconds for 
lack of RTP activity

 ( Asterisk <=> Proxy )<=> Local Firewall <=> End user

 Because Asterisk and Proxy are on the same host then the interface 
addresses are either localhost, local AWS IP, or external AWS IP. But 
when using either Chan_sip or PJSIP the media address asterisk presents 
is always and not the externip

 I am looking for any advice on whether this is possible, recommended 
or completely foolish and if it is possible what I should look for to 
make it go.

 Asterisk is on internal ports while the proxy is on 5060. The SIPs 
peer in chan_sip and pjsip are using context from-internal. The call 
sets up but then fails once media flows. This works well if the proxy 
is on another host.

 I also realise reSIProcate is old but its relatively straight forward 
compared to Kamailio (for me), although I eventually plan to figure out 
Kamailio when I have more time. I don’t know whether I could affect 
this differently with Kamailio.

 Thanks very much

 Cheers Duncan

p.s. apologies if this is sent twice

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