[asterisk-users] E-Mail notification for each received call

Kai Herlemann asterisk at linux.kai-herlemann.de
Fri Mar 27 14:19:09 CDT 2020

Hi Daniel,

Am 27.03.20 um 09:24 schrieb Administrator:
> Hangup is h extension. your macro will never be executed. Solution:
> same = n,Dial(whatever)
> same = n,[...])
> same = n,Hangup
> exten  = h,1,1,DumpChan()
>  same = n,System(/home/asterisk/bash_test)

I don't really understand your code…

I think I don't have to edit the first part of the conf file (" same =
n,Dial(whatever) "), you just mean the second part of the code is
executed by "n,Hangup"?
Then I have to add the second part to extensions_custom.conf, context
[macro-hangupcall-custom]? (I cannot edit extensions_additional.conf
where're the other settings/it doesn't make sense, because FreePBX
overwrites it.)
Probably you mean h,1,DumpChan() instead of h,1,1,DumpChan()?
last line: same → same code like in the upper line up to "h", so it's
"exten  = h,…"?


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