[asterisk-users] PJSIP Lockup

Nick Olsen nick at floridavirtualsolutions.com
Mon Mar 2 12:51:43 CST 2020

Hello All,
I'm using Asterisk 16.8.0 on a Centos 7 box. Previously 16.5.0, But
recently upgraded to attempt to resolve this issue. Using bundled PJSIP.
The PBX is using mysql realtime for most functions. The Mysql server is on
the same lan as the asterisk box.

As more users have been moved to this box. It's become unstable. Randomly,
I'll start seeing "WARNING[12667] taskprocessor.c: The
'pjsip/distributor-00000173' task processor queue reached 500 scheduled

At that time, Running "pjsip show contacts" and "pjsip show endpoints"
returns nothing. And the box stops responding to all SIP.

The only way I've found thus far to resolve the issue is a "service
asterisk restart".

I can confirm at the time of the issue running "asterisk -x 'core show
taskprocessors' | grep 'distributor'" does show many items pending across
all queues. And the number just increases. Normally when all is fine.
They're all at 0.

Google-foo hasn't produced anything for me outside issues from 13.x that
claim to be resolved. Since asterisk isn't fully crashing, I don't think I
can get backtrace. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
Any ideas? Tips?

*Nick Olsen*
Network Engineer
Office: 321-408-5000 x103
Mobile: 321-794-0763
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