[asterisk-users] Log queue threshold (1000) exceeded. Discarding new messages.

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at asterisk.open.source.it
Fri Jun 26 15:16:13 CDT 2020


I've just upgraded from Asterisk 13 to Asterisk 16 (as part of a Debian & 
Devuan version upgrade).

Whenever Asterisk starts, I'm now getting entries such as the following in my 
log file:

WARNING[13905]: logger:0 in ***: Log queue threshold (1000) exceeded. 
Discarding new messages.

Where can I set this threshold?

I don't want the system to discard new messages - mainly because the very last 
message displayed is supposed to be "Asterisk Ready", and one of our 
monitoring system checks for this and complains if it's not found (because it 
then looks like Asterisk didn't start up properly).

I'm also pretty certain that the system is discarding *all* messages beyond 
the threshold - even if they're errors rather than just warnings or verbose 
output - and obviously I want to see any errors which are detected.

I assume there's some new setting in logger.conf which I need to adjust, but I 
haven't found it documented yet :(



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