[asterisk-users] Voice "broken" during calls

Luca Bertoncello lucabert at lucabert.de
Sun Jun 14 02:00:26 CDT 2020

Am 13.06.2020 um 22:56 schrieb Antony Stone:

Hi Antony,

> I would like to see a much simpler one-for-one comparison: only change one 
> thing at a time, and see what the difference is.
> So: I suggest you try *two* independent *pairs* of tests:


> 1a. Using your Android phone, connect using your home wireless network (I 
> assume you have a wireless network, if not then skip to test 2) to your home 
> Asterisk server, make a phone call to some external number, check the call 
> quality.

Today was the quality not so excellent as yesterday...
Both I and my father in law could hear "interruptions", but so so much
as if I call with the Thomson phone...

> 1b. Using your Thomson phone, connected using your home cabled network to your 
> home Asterisk server, make a phone call to the same external number and check 
> the call quality.

This was the same as always... More little "broken voice" on both parts...

> 2a. Using your Android phone, connect from outside your home wireless network 
> over LTE to your home Asterisk server and make a phone call to the same number 
> again (you'll need someone with a bit of patience and understanding on the 
> other end of this number ...)  Check the call quality.

It was a little bit better. I didn't hear any "interruptions", but my
father in law does. Not many, but somes...

> 2b. Take your Thomson telephone to some other location with Internet access, 
> let it register to your home Asterisk server, and them make a call to the same 
> number yet again.  I'm sure you can get the Thomson to connect to Asterisk via 
> some external network, since you say you can do this from your Android phone.  
> Again, check the call quality.

Right now I don't have the possibility to do that... :(

I did another test, today: I called my leased line number using my
mobile phone (over GSM, not VoIP) and wait for the answering maschine.
So, as a normal call from outside if I'm not at home.
Result: the quality is *excellent*. I didn't hear any "interruptions" in
the message of the answering maschine and, as I played the message I
spoked there were no "interruptions", too...

So, the module voicemail in Asterisk does *not* have the same problems
as the other phones.
And the Thomson VoIP-phone has more problems than my Android connected
to the Asterisk...

Maybe helps this behaviour to find the problem?

> PS; Just for fun, what happens if you let your Android phone connect via LTE 
> to your home Asterisk server and you dial your (home, cabled) Thomson phone 
> from it?  What's the call quality like then?

The quality is terrible. It is not possible to understand any word...
BUT: if I call my wife using the Thomson (she uses a Thomsons, same
model, too!) the quality is excellent...

> In regard to:
> On Saturday 13 June 2020 at 18:25:32, Luca Bertoncello wrote:
>> 2) where can I change these settings?
> sip.conf
> Look for lines such as 
> 	disallow=all
> 	allow=ulaw
> 	allow=alaw
> 	allow=h263
> They may be in the [general] section, or they may be in the client (Android / 
> Thomson) specific sections.

In my [general] section I have:

allow=gsm                       ; Messagenet need gsm...

Luca Bertoncello
(lucabert at lucabert.de)

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