[asterisk-users] CDR mysql: timeout when remote database unavailable

Fourhundred Thecat 400thecat at gmx.ch
Sat Jun 6 02:18:11 CDT 2020


I am using CDR mysql to log to remote server:

in modules.conf, I preload the modules:

preload => cdr_mysql.so
preload => app_mysql.so

and in cdr_mysql.conf, I have all the details defined (hostname, dbname,
table, password, user, port).

In a situation when I start asterisk, and the remote database in
unreachable, asterisk waits for several minutes before it actually
starts (before it loads sip module, etc).

And when database is unreachable during operation, when call happens,
sometimes the call is connected, other times it waits for mysql and call
times out.

I assume there might be scenarios where CDR logging is essential, and
calls should not be made without CDR functioning (ie for billing
purposes). But this is not my situation. I would like CDR to log, but in
a situation where database is temporarily unavailable, I don't want that
to prevent asterisk to function (ie, start, make calls)

Is there somewhere a timeout setting, that I could set to a low number,
so that it times out quickly ?

or what would be the best solution in my case ?


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