[asterisk-users] problem with logger: syslog vs. file

Fourhundred Thecat 400thecat at gmx.ch
Wed Jun 3 13:01:29 CDT 2020

 > On 2020-06-03 17:21, Steve Edwards wrote:
> How about:
>          syslog.local0                   = error,verbose,warning
> no debugging detail.
>          syslog.local0                   = debug,error,verbose,warning
> include debugging detail.

currently, the above has no effect on logging.

As I have shown in the code snippet in my previous email, the log format
is hardcoded (main/logger.c:372)

In other words, if you are logging through syslog, you will get
debugging garbage regardless what you have in /etc/asterisk/logger.conf

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