[asterisk-users] PJSIP AoR vs Endpoint

Andrew Yager andrew at rwts.com.au
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I realise this is an old question, but I’m struggling to get my head around

The ERD suggests that endpoints can link to multiple AoRs

In what situation would you actually use this? Given that mapping of
inbound calls is primary done to the endpoint, it looks to me like most of
the scenarios where this might be beneficial are actually not possible?

One example I had envisaged was being able to have multiple distinct auth
entries for one endpoint (eg for different devices, such as a WebRTC
device, a TLS device or a UDP device) but the restrictions around device
identification seem to make this not achievable as the auth user or user
needs to be the endpoint name to actually find the correct endpoint.

The answer is somewhat moot; but as I’m thinking about implementation of
some things I’m just trying to make sure I haven’t missed the obvious “yep
- you’d use this here, because it makes X or Y amazing”.

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