[asterisk-users] E-Mail notification for each received call

Kai Herlemann asterisk at linux.kai-herlemann.de
Fri Apr 10 16:06:05 CDT 2020

Hi Daniel & others,

thank you Daniel, I solved my problem now (already 1-2 weeks ago). I'd
like to share it with this list to help other people with a related problem:

Am 28.03.20 um 13:30 schrieb Administrator:
>> Then I have to add the second part to extensions_custom.conf, context
>> [macro-hangupcall-custom]? (I cannot edit extensions_additional.conf
>> where're the other settings/it doesn't make sense, because FreePBX
>> overwrites it.)
> Don't knowFreePBX and I don't have your diaplan. You can't put the
> exten = h stanza in a macro as a called macro always start with
> s,1,blabla
> You have another solution which is to add the call to System before
> the dial if it's easier for you.

This advice was right. I tried it already before writing to this list,
but I had problems with that.

At first, I created the file extension_custom.conf as attached. Very
related to the file in my first mail.
Then, I created in FreePBX a dummy extension "1111". After that, I
entered in the "advanced" section in the "Dial:" field the following
string: "local/s at send-email". By that way, the custom code will be executed.

Let's say my actual number is 1234 (it's not the real one, but I use an
example for privacy reasons).
I activated, of course, the "Find me/Follow me" section of the extension
1234 in FreePBX (Enabled = yes). Then, I entered in the Follow-Me List
1111 _AND_ 1234.
Additionally, I set as destination in case of no answer a Time
Condition. (All calls are forwarded, the destination of is depend to the
time condition - using the calender setting in that module itself is not
possible in this case.)

Also the 1111 dummy extension has a time condition as destination, like
the 1234 one – I think, in one case it's not necessary (I thought so at
first in one of this cases), but it works.

I used for the inbound route as destination the 1234 extension.
If you have a related problem, maybe it's not enough information to
solve it – if you need, you can send me a mail (or better answer to the


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exten => s,1,NoOp(Entering user defined context  [send-email] in extensions_custom.conf)
exten => s,n,System(/usr/local/bin/e-mail-notification '${CALLERID(name)}' '${CALLERID(number)}')
exten => s,n,hangup()

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