[asterisk-users] Load issues using AGI

Tony Mountifield tony at softins.co.uk
Tue Sep 24 04:21:47 CDT 2019

In article <CAC3=B=vLRRePR10gMKqQs5dpTOB9x66LX5OoCt6UH4OYrstGLw at mail.gmail.com>,
J├Âran Vinzens <vinzens at sipgate.de> wrote:
> @john, we using Perl. To see if it is a problem with the perl i had put an
> "exit 0" just at the first lines  so there is no logic done at the AGI.
> It's only the start up and return from AGI what produces the most of the
> load. Nevertheless, we will try what you just posted.

Even if you put "exit 0" at the top of the script, the perl interpreter will
still need to compile the whole script (and any modules it uses) before it
executes the "exit 0".

Try commenting out or removing the rest of the script.

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