[asterisk-users] Delays on conferences

Tony Mountifield tony at softins.co.uk
Thu Oct 17 05:38:06 CDT 2019

In article <CAGzWidhiytdnkD_JuU1ecbTrWSfNJtWvnjaqWSEccrBhnOQhPw at mail.gmail.com>,
Marcelo Terres <mhterres at gmail.com> wrote:
> We are having a weird issue with conferences.
> Let me explain:
> A enters conference room.
> B enters conference room.
> When B talks, A can listen it immediately. When A talks, took almost a
> second to B receives the audio.
> Scenario:
> Asterisk 11 with meetme.
> CentOS 6/7, Dahdi 2.9/2.11
> I know it is an old version, but we can't change it now. We are moving to
> Asterisk 16 next year, but currently that is our reality.
> Any ideas of what could be causing this? Or any ideas of how to debug it?

What kind of channels are they? SIP? IAX? DAHDI?

What happens if you have 3 calls in the conference? In that case, when you
have a delay from one speaking, do both the others hear the delay, or just
one of them? That would determine whether the delay is on audio going to
Asterisk or from Asterisk.

Do you have internal_timing set in asterisk.conf?

What timing module are you using?

Does it always happen, or just sometimes?

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