[asterisk-users] Faxes stopped working - AMI issue?

D'Arcy Cain darcy at VybeNetworks.com
Wed Nov 27 13:30:30 CST 2019

I recently upgraded from Asterisk 13.19 to 16.6.1.  Everything is
working fine with a few minor tweaks except outgoinf fax.  Incoming
works fine.

I do outgoing faxing through an AMI call.  Here is the output from the
security log:

[Nov 27 06:16:05] SECURITY[101222] res_security_log.c:
[Nov 27 06:16:05] SECURITY[101222] res_security_log.c:

So I know that AMI is listening and I can talk to it.  Here is the main log"

[Nov 27 06:16:00] VERBOSE[101155] asterisk.c: Remote UNIX connection
[Nov 27 06:16:00] VERBOSE[101245] asterisk.c: Remote UNIX connection
[Nov 27 06:16:01] VERBOSE[101244] manager.c: Manager 'asterisk' logged
on from

The AMI command, after the login, looks like this:

Action: Originate
Channel: SIP/outgoing/%%(destination)s
Context: LocalSets
CallerID: Vybe Consulting Inc Fax Service <5555551212>
Exten: sendfax
Priority: 1
Timeout: 30000
Variable: faxfile=%%(faxfile)s
Variable: uid=%%(uid)s
Variable: destination=%%(destination)s
Variable: sender_name=Vybe Consulting Inc Fax Service
Variable: sender_num=5555551212

Those "%%" strings get replaced by real data.  My sendfax extension has
a bunch of stuff but the very first line is this:

exten => sendfax,1,Verbose(0,FAX ${faxfile} to ${destination})

So, regardless of what follows, shouldn't I be seeing that message in my

D'Arcy J.M. Cain
Vybe Networks Inc.
A unit of Excelsior Solutions Corporation - Propelling Business Forward
IM:darcy at Vex.Net VoIP: sip:darcy at VybeNetworks.com

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