[asterisk-users] Low cost routing

Olivier CALVANO o.calvano at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 03:31:01 CST 2019

Hello, I need some advice:

I use 2 different suppliers of trunk SIP in my infrastructure, both send me
regularly prices in a .csv format.

So I have two SQL tables that contain the prefix and the tariff.

For now, I generate a dialplan with a Perl script that allows me to select
the prefix trunk to use but the problem is that I change it manually in
some cases.

For example

Trunk A:
    +355                0.1698€
    +35521150     0.12815€
    +35521151     0.12815€

Trunk B:
    +355                0.1144€

Currently my script sees that +35521150 exists in Trunk A and will
therefore use it while on the Trunk B it is less expensive but the prefix
+35521150 is not directly indicated since it is covered by the +355

I would like to change that, generate a unique table of prefixes. Someone
would have done that already?

Thank you,
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