[asterisk-users] On Register, run a script, validate source IP

Sebastian Nielsen sebastian at sebbe.eu
Mon Nov 18 06:41:55 CST 2019

You could use permit/deny in the sip.conf.

That would require your script to update sip.conf dynamically and reload the config for each time user wants to update their accepted location.

To avoid excessive reloads, you could have that the changes will take effect after 00:00, so you have a cron script which reads the user database and updates sip.conf, and then reloads asterisk ONCE.
So any changes user makes to their sourceIP/GeoIP configuration on webpage, will not take effect until midnight.

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Hi Gang

To increase security against phished passwords and similar attacks, we consider offering customers to define IP ranges (or GeoIP locations) from which their dynamic registrations are being accepted.

I can already look at the source IP in the dial plan, so no issue with validate an INVITE against a source IP.

But I would also like to prevent registrations from outside of this client's specific allowed ip addresses as well, so the line cannot be hijacked.

So I'm looking for something like

On Register:
If check_allowed_ip(auth_username) {
} else {
	Reply(403 Wrong IP for this user);

Any ideas how to do that? (Yes, I asked Google and found nothing useful yet)

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