[asterisk-users] Is it possible to record 2-4 party call audio in stereo quality as opposed to mono?

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at asterisk.open.source.it
Fri Nov 1 17:41:10 CDT 2019

On Friday 01 November 2019 at 22:29:28, Dan Cropp wrote:

> We have a customer who wants us to record anywhere from 2-4 participants on
> a call in stereo (as opposed to mono) quality audio.

I'm assuming you mean you want to get one stereo recording for each 
participant, where the left channel is the participant and the right channel 
is the rest of the conference?

If that's not correct, what do you want the two channels of a stero recording 
to contain?

> We are using asterisk 16.6.1
> We are also currently using AMI/AsyncAGI and ConfBridge to bring the
> parties together.  I believe recording in the various file formats (based
> on extension), it's always recording in mono quality.
> My one thought is to transition to using ARI Bridge (instead of ConfBridge)
> and streamed audio using ExternalMedia. Then have a media server capture
> the external media packets, stripping the payload information and write
> directly to a file. Would that audio be of ulaw stereo or mono?

Suppose it *is* stereo - what would you expect the two channels to contain?  
It sounds like you want one single stereo recording of a conference with 
multiple participants.  Are they all using stereo telephones and generating 
two-channel audio into the conference - or what??

> Any suggestions?

How about a simple MixMonitor with btr options on each participant who dials 
in, before they get placed into the conference?  Then the t channel should be 
the participant and the r channel should be the rest of the conference.



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