[asterisk-users] AMI not responding correctly

Jason support at telium.io
Wed May 29 15:23:48 CDT 2019

I have a C app that communicates with the AMI over a socket.  The app works fine (has for years), and it dumps a debug log with all tx/rx traffic.  So what I posted is exactly what the AMI is responding with.  A telnet session would product the same.

I don't have access to the CLI, but I did ask the customer to try that command on the CLI.  Your output is exactly what I expect (and what I see on other systems)

The real mystery here is why is the AMI on this system responding strangely?!  Permissions?  Corruption?  Some asterisk config file setting I should look at?  


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On Wednesday 29 May 2019 at 22:01:11, Jason wrote:

> I am communicating


> with Asterisk 13.18.3 over the AMI and issue the command:
> ActionID: 11
> Action: command
> Command: core show calls
> And the response I get is:
> Response: Follows
> Privilege: Command
> ActionID: 11

What happens if (at pretty much the same time) you run the command "core show calls" in the Asterisk command console?

> But where is the call data?

On my system (Asterisk 13.14.1) I get:

Action: Command
Command: core show calls

Response: Follows
Privilege: Command
0 active calls
0 calls processed

> What is going wrong on this system?    I confirmed the AMI connection has
> full read/write permissions.  Why is the call data missing from the 
> response?

How are you connecting and what are you using to parse the response?

Try a simple telnet and see if the result is the same:

$ telnet localhost 5038
Connected to localhost.localdomain.
Escape character is '^]'.
Asterisk Call Manager/2.9.0
Action: login
Username: myusername
Secret: secretpassword

Response: Success
Message: Authentication accepted

Event: FullyBooted
Privilege: system,all
Status: Fully Booted

Action: Command
Command: core show calls

Response: Follows
Privilege: Command
0 active calls
0 calls processed


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