[asterisk-users] Play Music While Processing AGI Script

Alexander Perkins alexanderhenryperkins at gmail.com
Tue May 14 21:29:58 CDT 2019

Hi All.  I have a question - I have an AGI script that may run for 10
seconds, or it may run for 60 seconds while an agent becomes available
(agents are geographically dispersed).  Is there a way to have the music
play in the background while the AGI scripts executes?  When the AGI script
finishes, then the music should also finish.

I tried this, but the music needs to finish before moving on to step 4 and
execute the script.

exten => _NXZNXXXXXX,1,Answer()
exten => _NXZNXXXXXX,2,MusicOnHold()
exten => _NXZNXXXXXX,3,AGI(SetRecordingID.php,${UNIQUEID})

Any help would be appreciated.

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