[asterisk-users] ChanSpy and ConfBridge

Dan Cropp dan at amtelco.com
Tue May 14 13:57:13 CDT 2019

We have a scenario where we have ConfBridges assigned to specific users.
An administrator wants to listen to the owner of a ConfBridge calls and may want to whisper instructions to them.

I thought ChanSpy would be the perfect solution for this.

During tests today I noticed this doesn't work as I thought it would.
The administrator is able to whisper to the channel that is the owner of the ConfBridge.
However, I'm hearing what sounds like an echo of the administrator channel's whisper going to the other channels in the ConfBridge.  It's not as loud as it would be if I use ChanSpy to Barge In, but it's still present.
At first, I thought it was just other phones picking up the sound.

However, I muted all phones other than my administrator phone and I'm still hearing the administrator's whisper on other channels in the ConfBridge.

Any thoughts on this?

I have also noticed when toggling between modes (d for DTMF mode change where 4 = spy, 5 = whisper, and 6 = bargein) that audio to some channels becomes garbled afterward.

I have tried both with and without the o option (for only listen to audio coming from this channel).

Any suggestions?

Have a great day!

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