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Based on how I read the manual if you connect the TIP and RING of the ATA to the right pairs you should be able to send a call to the paging box. It looks that when the page call is picked up by the paging system you would then press a zone 1-9 or 0 for all.  The page would then bridge to the desired zone. the page would complete when the call is hung up. You would likely need to make sure the ATA is using current loop disconnect or reverse to ensure hang-up.

I think it should be the PABX config using the Figure 3 configuration.

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Excellent point.

This is it: https://www.valcom.com/pdf/v-1109rthf.pdf

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Michael Munger wrote:

Does anyone have an (overhead) paging system that they like that works with SIP?


We’ve got a client with an old paging system that (supposedly) just takes an rj11 POTS connection, but when we put an SPA Cisco adapter on it, it doesn’t auto-answer the call, so paging never happens.

Does it expect to see a POTS line with battery on it?
Then a Cisco or other ATA that would work to supply service to a POTS phone should work
Does it expect to see a POTS connection from a PBX trunk, and supply battery TO the trunk?
Then you would need a Cisco or other ATA with an FXO connection.

Both types of paging systems have been made and both styles of connections have existed through the last 30 + years, and since you haven't revealed the brand and model of paging system it makes troubleshooting difficult.
Using the existing system can be made to work
I use a very old Harris PagePak VS that was used with a Western Electric Horizon system back in the dark ages with Asterisk

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