[asterisk-users] Paging systems?

John Novack jnovack at comcast.net
Thu Mar 21 18:27:12 CDT 2019

Michael Munger wrote:
> Does anyone have an (overhead) paging system that they like that works with SIP?
> We’ve got a client with an old paging system that (supposedly) just takes an rj11 POTS connection, but when we put an SPA Cisco adapter on it, it doesn’t auto-answer the call, so paging never happens.
Does it expect to see a POTS line with battery on it?
Then a Cisco or other ATA that would work to supply service to a POTS phone should work
Does it expect to see a POTS connection from a PBX trunk, and supply battery TO the trunk?
Then you would need a Cisco or other ATA with an FXO connection.

Both types of paging systems have been made and both styles of connections have existed through the last 30 + years, and since you haven't revealed the brand and model of paging system it makes troubleshooting difficult.
Using the existing system can be made to work
I use a very old Harris PagePak VS that was used with a Western Electric Horizon system back in the dark ages with Asterisk

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