[asterisk-users] Asterisk using Path: and chan_sip

Joel Serrano joel at gogii.net
Wed Mar 20 13:37:06 CDT 2019


We have a couple asterisk11 servers behind a Kamailio4 proxy. We are in the
process of upgrading to asterisk16 and Kamailio5 and I'm testing out Path:
support with chan_sip (migration to PJSIP is not possible right now due to
integrations with other systems).

Functionality-wise things are working. If I do a `sip show peer XXX` I can
see the Path header, I can also receive/send calls to/from that peer.

I could swear that in earlier tests I managed to actually see the
real-device IP instead of the proxy-IP in `sip show peers`... but now I
have my doubts as I'm not able to reproduce it.

So, the question is: when a device registers with Asterisk via a Proxy
(using Path:) is there a way to show the original-IP instead of the
proxy-IP in sip show peers? Is the IP shown in `sip show peers` strictly
the IP from where the packet was received, or is the IP obtained from data
contained in any of the headers?

I'm almost sure this worked and now I'm missing something to get it working
again, or, I just dreamed about this and in reality it never worked :(

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