[asterisk-users] Cannot change astdatadir?

Michael Munger mj at hph.io
Mon Mar 4 10:04:25 CST 2019

I've installed asterisk from the debian repo, but, despite changing `astdatadir` in asterisk.conf, it insists on using `/usr/share/asterisk` instead of `/var/lib/asterisk`, which creates user permission problems since it's running as the user `asterisk`. The Record() application instantly fails due to permissions problems.

Instead of giving the asterisk user read / write permissions for /usr/share/asterisk, I was trying to change it to /var/lib/asterisk/, but it continuously ignores my changes.

Is this a Debian issue or am I changing the wrong thing in asterisk.conf? (I normally compile from source, which uses /var/lib/asterisk by default. First time using a repo package)

Asterisk version: 13.14.1~dfsg-2+deb9u4
OS: Debian 9.8 (stretch). Fully updated.

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