[asterisk-users] Problem with the DB() function

Jean-Denis Girard jd.girard at sysnux.pf
Sun Mar 3 13:28:02 CST 2019

Le 02/03/2019 à 18:10, Ira a écrit :
> exten => 1,1,set(DB(forwards/calls)=${home_in})
>    same => n,set(DB(forwards/number)=1)
>    same => n,verbose(${DB(forwards/calls)})
>    same => n,return
> I can see the code running on the console and it prints out the first line with  ${home_in} replaced with the expected 80 or so characters that variable contains.
> But the third line which should print those 80 characters back to the screen prints an empty string.  What might I be doing wrong. It's worked from version 2 or 3 through 13 but it seems to be broken in 16.

This looks correct to me, and should be working with asterisk-16: could
you paste the console output with verbose=3?

> Also, when I installed asterisk it did not set itself up to start when the machine boots. Is there something else I need to do?  It's the most recent Fedora.

The service manager in Fedora 29 is systemd: you probably need to
install the unit file, see asterisk-16.2.1/contrib/systemd/

Best regards,
Jean-Denis Girard

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