[asterisk-users] Doing weird bouncing of IAX trunk calls on purpose

Ryan, Travis RyanT at OscarWinski.com
Wed Jul 31 09:48:41 CDT 2019

Just had our IAX tunnels from the main server go bad again. Basically it thinks it can't reach them on the network anymore to register. IAX reload does nothing to help. Reloading/restarting asterisk service fixes it instantly. I notice a couple channels on the IAX tunnel are stuck on in "core show channels" and can't be hung up.

Any ideas? This just started a month or so ago when we started forwarding all calls as stated below. /shrug

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Subject: [asterisk-users] Doing weird bouncing of IAX trunk calls on purpose

Ok, so this might seem weird, but hang with me on this. I have two sites, Indy and Lafayette that each have their own Asterisk server. They each have their own outside PRI line. They are also trunked internally via and IAX tunnel over a private fiber line.

I've recently been asked to have the calls incoming to Indy, forwarded to a group in Lafayette (only during the day, so can't be permanent) to answer the incoming calls. Well naturally, more of the calls are then attended forwarded/blind forwarded back down to the Indy server.

So we basically have a call coming into the Indy asterisk, being forwarded via IAX to Lafayette, answered, then forwarded back down to Indy.

Most of it seems to work fine, as you'd expect. I'm getting some grief from users saying there are weird things happening. My gut feeling, knowing the people involved, is that it's a user issue.

Does it keep all the connections open every which way, or can the Indy server be smart enough to just join the two channels and take Lafayette out of the loop?


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