[asterisk-users] Lightweight ODBC DB

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Have you looked at PBXSync (or HAAst) from Telium?  (https://telium.io)


These products will sync MySQL, SQLite, plus files, directories, etc. intelligently.  (Differentials only) between PBX’s, reload configurations on the fly, etc.  No need roll logs or recover from a base in case they get too far out of sync.


HAAst will also prevent synchronizing if a node is in poor health (to avoiding sync’ing in corrupted data).


I’m not sure what you are building but this might help.  Aside from this, avoid block based synchronization of databases (eg: DRBD) for the obvious reasons.


There are Master-Master sync tools out there, but if you are trying to wrap some intelligence around that then you are basically building your own sync product.




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I am running several Asterisk boxes with realtime around the world. Does anyone have a recommendation for a "light" db that would work with Asterisk that would also allow replication between all sites (so if I add an entry to one box it will work with the rest)?






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