[asterisk-users] Question on calculating PJSIP md5 authentication with NEC

Dan Cropp dan at amtelco.com
Fri Jul 12 14:08:53 CDT 2019

I have done additional testing and I haven't been able to figure out why it's failing.

Since my original testing we now set the realm on the authentication section to match what we receive from NEC.  It's of the format abc at xyz.com
I have verified the md5_cred several times and it matches the user:realm:password formula 3016:insiph at something0a646666.com:3016 where username is 3016 and password is 3016

We suspect it has something to do with the format of the realm that NEC is sending where it may not be working correctly supported by the Asterisk PJSIP code.

Is there anyone who has used PJSIP outbound REGISTRATION using MD5 support that can provide some insight?
Or even anyone who know chan_sip's REGISTER and how it calculates it's HA1, HA2 for the MD5 authentication?


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Using chan_sip, we are able to register with an NEC switch.  When I try to REGISTER with PJSIP, the authentication is being rejected.  Traces show it's using md5 authentication.
The packets looks almost identical.  The one area that I suspect is causing the problem is the md5_cred for my pjsip.conf registration.

I'm using a Poco MD5 utility to generate the MD5 passing username:realm:password
Where username is 3016
Realm is asterisk (default)
Password is 3016 which is the same as chan_sip's secret
The value I'm setting the md5_cred in auth section to is 63e8aedc77335879c93123055d21211d

Would this value match what chan_sip would pass as the md5 credentials?

Our sip.conf looks like the following...
context = NECTEST
bindaddr =
bindport = 5060
websocket_enabled = false
srvlookup = no
allowguest = yes
debug = yes
sipdebug = yes
defaultexpiry = 480
deny =
permit =
permit =
canreinvite = yes
callcounter = yes
register = 3016:3016 at

type = friend
qualify = no
nat = no
host =
defaultuser = 3016
secret = 3016
incominglimit = 24
accountcode = 33
port = 5060
context = NECTEST
dtmfmode = auto
disallow = all
allow = ulaw
defaultexpiry = 480
insecure = invite
fromdomain =
acl = acl6

Have a great day!

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