[asterisk-users] Problem with AudioCodes MP-114 ATA

Yves yves030 at gmx.de
Thu Jan 10 16:50:07 CST 2019


quite unlikely (besides of an defect) that the behaviour of your 
AudioCodes or Asterisk changed "from alone"... something must have changed.
What does the logs say (from asterisk... do you see register-events? and 
from you AudioCodes?)
The AudioCodes Devices can export and restore their config... do you 
have a backup?


Am 10.01.2019 um 19:51 schrieb Tech Support:
> All;
>     I have an AudioCodes MP-114 four FXS ATA that recently stopped 
> registering to my PBX. I’m pulling my hair out here trying to figure 
> out the root cause without much success. Does anyone have a sample 
> config file that I could use as a sample? Any insight at all would be 
> greatly appreciated.
> Thanks Much;
> John

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