[asterisk-users] Playing a beep/noise during a call

Rui Mota ruimota at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 05:59:46 CST 2019

I am using an appliance as SIP-ISDN gateway that has a (not so nice)
feature of hanging up a call if it detects more than 10 minutes of silence
from the originating side.
The problem is that the calls are always originated from a digital system
that, most of the times, just sends silence, for more than 10 minutes, only
sporadically has people talking, so this makes the calls to hangup
automatically after 10 minutes...

I need to inject some noise/tone, periodically (like every 9 minutes), on
the originating call to avoid this behaviour. What is the best way to
achieve it?

I've seen the Extenspy or mixmonitor commands, but i need to make it

Thank you in advance.
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