[asterisk-users] Block Spam Calls

Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at stratustalk.com
Fri Dec 13 13:42:38 CST 2019

Mind posting your dialplan code?  I was thinking the same thing - very 
much like an old spam control program I used to use whose name now 
escapes me.  First time senders would have to respond to an auto-reply, 
then were added to a whitelist.

This would be a great FreeBSD module...


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On 12/13/19 10:48 AM, Julian Beach wrote:
> Hello Doug,
> Friday, December 13, 2019, 11:03:37 AM, you wrote:
>>> This is exactly what I do - “press 1 for a human”
>>> Works great
>> I do this as well, but I also do a database lookup to see if the number
>> is on our speeddial list and if so, pass the call directly on without
>> the IVR prompts.
> I do something similar for calls without caller ID, but I was still
> getting robocalls with spoofed caller ID. I have now changed the dialplan
> slightly so that the first time people call they are asked to dial 1.
> After the first call, they are added to a known caller list and get
> straight through, and any robocalls at that point are blacklisted
> manually. I have found that most robocallers spoof the Caller ID so
> rarely call from the same number twice. It means that legitimate
> callers who cannot dial 1 just have to dial again to get through to
> the phones - there is a recorded message telling them to dial 1 or
> call back. I haven't had a robocall since!
> The hardest thing about this was extracting all the numbers of
> previous callers from the CDR and adding it to the Previous_Callers
> AstDB for the lookup. I didn't want to make existing callers go through
> the initial learning process.
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