[asterisk-users] Digium Phone D40 plus dialing

Mitch Johnson mitchone at reagan.com
Tue Apr 2 17:44:34 CDT 2019

This is one of those problems that kind of surprised me when it happened.  

We added a standalone Digit D40 phone so it could connect directly to a SIP provider.  All our other phones connect through asterisk to other SIP providers.

I can dial inbound onto the phone.  On the phone it showed up as a +1xxxxxxxxxx.  When I try to dial outbound with the regular ten digits it doesn’t work.  However, when I select the call from history with the +1xxxxxxxxxx it works fine which I must assume that it’s expecting a plus before the digits.  

I’ve been through the phone settings and outside of the digit map I don’t see any place where I can do a translation and prepend the + to the outgoing string.  

The question is how do I dial using plus dialing on the Digit phone?  I’ve tried 00 or holding onto 0 with no success.

Any ideas?



Mitch Johnson
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