[asterisk-users] Finding out if channels is up

Dovid Bender dovid at telecurve.com
Mon Oct 22 15:37:06 CDT 2018


I wrote some code that connects to the Asterisk AMI to see if the channel
is up by doing an Action status followed by a "Channel: $CHANNEL". Most of
the time if the channel is *NOT* up I will get:
line9: Response: Error
line10: Message: No such channel

And if the channels is up I get in line 15 the channel I am looking for.
The issue I am having is every so often in the AMI I will see other calls.
In manager.conf I do have:

However every so often I do get other events for example "Event: Dialend".
AmI doing something wrong? I wanted to use core show channels concise and
parse that however as per
that is deprecated.

Is that correct or am I facing a bug? I am using Asterisk 15.4.1.

EDIT: As per the docs it seems I need:
eventfilter=Event: Status

and NOT:


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