[asterisk-users] Is there any way to pass caller id to cell phone?

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at asterisk.open.source.it
Thu Oct 11 16:23:05 CDT 2018

On Thursday 11 October 2018 at 22:11:10, Ivan Demkovitch wrote:

> Abdul,
> Added code like you proposed, I see it in logs but still don't see caller
> ID coming in:
> -- Goto (internal,101,1)
> -- Executing [101 at internal:1] NoOp("SIP/callcentric13-000006d1", "Call
> ID: "DEMKOVITCH,IVAN" <15555555555>") in new stack
> -- Executing [101 at internal:2] Dial("SIP/callcentric13-000006d1",
> "SIP/649EF375FFFF,30") in new stack

So, assuming 15555555555 is the Caller ID you would *like* to see on the 
mobile, but in fact you see the number associated with your Callcentric trunk, 
I think Abdul has pinpointed the problem:

> Also what Caller ID is set on outgoing trunk? Is that enforced in trunk
> configuration?  --
> regards,
> abdul basit

By "trunk configuration" he means the trunk setup with Callcentric, not your 
Asterisk server.

It is most likely that Callcentric do not allow you to set arbitrary caller ID 
on outgoing calls made through that connection.  You could pretend to be 
anybody, and they don't permit that.



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