[asterisk-users] What's the best way of extracting call data which has been written to flat files?

Jonathan H lardconcepts at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 08:58:14 CDT 2018

I'm dealing with a blind charity phone information system which writes
its logs to two flat csv files
(Although the log COULD actually now be written to dynamoDB or
sqlite3, too if needed).

The first file contains basic call information, one line per call and
a unique call ID (distinct from "caller ID"!)
The second file relates the call ID to more information about what
happened during that call.

I'd really just like to extract info like: What was the most popular
caller region? Time of day? Item in the menu?
What did people listen to most or skip or hang up during? What
percentage were mobiles?

The information is all there, but I have NO idea how to extract it,
nor the skills to do so myself without a steer in the right direction.

So my question is really: What now? I've written this, and some
example log entries, to


If I don't get any luck here, I'll try asterisk-biz later.
Alternatively, where to find help?
PeoplePerHour? Or some other web-worker site? What should I look to
pay? What is this kind of data-wrangling even called?

Basically, I'm hoping that either someone will know of something that
exists already which is very cost-effective and I could learn in a day
or two.
Or, know of someone who could write something for me, for a reasonable amount.

I have an idea that the answer lies in something like Dynamo/MongoDB,
but need some pointers.

(But what's not going to be possible is someone offering to do it for
"just" 4 days at $1200 per day plus tax!)


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