[asterisk-users] Use AGi Commands without script in Dialplan

Yves yves030 at gmx.de
Mon Oct 8 05:44:43 CDT 2018

Hello, everybody,
often it is necessary to issue a single AGI command...
How can I realize this within a normal dialplan processing without 
having to go the circumstantial way through an AGI script every time?
Why is it not possible to use the AGI commands like other functions 
within the dialplan?
Although there are many dialplan functions that can be used as a 
substitute for one or the other AGi command, or whose results are the 
same, but not always...

AGI_Command "Set Autohangup"...

There is no way (at least of what I know) to set this AutoHangup feature 
for a "normal" Call within the dialplan... and again, this is just an 
example. I am looking
for an easy way to execute any AGI Command directly from the dialplan 
without the need to call an external script.

Thank you,

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