[asterisk-users] Non-matching linkedid on CDR Records [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Calum Power Calum.Power at aad.gov.au
Wed Oct 3 00:18:44 CDT 2018

Hi asterisk-users,

We have recently moved to the 13.x branch of Asterisk from 11.x, and we're trying to correlate CDR records from multiple-legs for billing purposes.
As part of this change we have added 'linkedid' to our CDR table schema in an attempt to join the multiple records into one billable record.

The call path can be simplified as (transport types in brackets):
SIP Phone---(SIP)---Asterisk Svr1---(IAX)---Asterisk Svr2---(IAX)---Asterisk Svr3---(SIP)---PSTN

As per the CDR spec, I expected the 'linkedid' to propagate between the records and be the same throughout...
However, we observe differing linkedid values for the same call... Thus (xxx's added for privacy):
| id      | calldate            | src            | dst        | accountcode | uniqueid          | linkedid         | billsec | duration |
| 5031920 | 2018-10-03 01:51:41 | 0362xxxxxx     | 0449xxxxxx |             | 1538531501.18974  | 1538531501.18974 |      64 |       71 |
| 5031921 | 2018-10-03 01:52:52 | 6613           | 0449xxxxxx | 759553      | 1538531488.11368  | 1538531488.11368 |       0 |        0 |

Noting that our out-dial from Svr2 changes the CLID to 0362xxxxxx as we must present that CLID to our PSTN upstream provider as per their requirements.

The first record is taken from Asterisk Svr2, the second from Asterisk Svr1 (Svr1 replicates MySQL to Svr2)
As you can see, the linkedid records are different (1538531501.18974 vs 1538531488.11368)

The difference appears to be the matter of microsecs that it takes to connect the call legs (over a satellite connection) so I could probably 'guess' that these two are the same call, however for billing purposes this is not accurate enough.

Can someone shed some light on why the linkedid is not being shared between IAX channels?



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