[asterisk-users] Reject call from Asterisk dialplan

Alexander Lopez alex.lopez at opsys.com
Tue May 8 13:12:47 CDT 2018

Use a script to redirect the ringing call into an extension that returns the proper sip result, and hangup.

You could also add logic to alert or log that call.

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Subject: [asterisk-users] Reject call from Asterisk dialplan


I'm looking for a way to reject a call remotely using the Asterisk dialplan.

For example, phone A is ringing - I'm at the other end of the room next to phone B, and I want to reject the call to Phone A by dialing an extension.

I'm basically trying to reproduce the Polycom "reject" action but through the Asterisk dialplan.


  1.  It would allow me to log through Asterisk who's rejecting calls
  2.  It would allow rejecting calls from another phone  (see above scenario)

I thought there could be a "SendSIPCode 486 to SIP peer phoneA" application, but a quick scan of the documentation does not bring obvious answers.


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