[asterisk-users] Zombie PJSip Channel

Brent Davidson brent at texascountrytitle.com
Fri Mar 9 14:57:18 CST 2018

I'm having a strange issue with Asterisk 13.17.2 and pjproject-2.7.

I have one extension that will occasionally end up in a "Zombie" channel 
and stop receiving calls.  (Note that the console never says "Zombie" it 
just shows a channel that can't be hung up.

Here's an excerpt from a console session showing the problem:

cameronpbx*CLI> core show channels concise
cameronpbx*CLI> hangup request
all                PJSIP/15-000000e9  DAHDI/2-1
cameronpbx*CLI> hangup request PJSIP/15-000000e9
PJSIP/15-000000e9 is not a known channel
cameronpbx*CLI> hangup request "PJSIP/15-000000e9"
PJSIP/15-000000e9 is not a known channel
cameronpbx*CLI> hangup request DAHDI/2-1
DAHDI/2-1 is not a known channel
cameronpbx*CLI> hangup request all
cameronpbx*CLI> hangup request all

When it gets in this state, I can't even do a "core restart when 
convenient" as it will sit there and wait forever for that channel to 
disappear.  I have to drop to a command line and do a "systemctl restart 
asterisk" to get it to reset that extension.  The really strange thing 
is it never happens to any other extensions on the system.  Just that 
one phone.

Any ideas?

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